Susan Rienzo Artist



Born in Brooklyn, New York, Susan has a degree in Fashion Design from Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and a BFA in Graphic Design from the University of Georgia. She met her husband at the University and after graduation, moved back to New York, married and had two children.

Susan's love of sewing started at a very young age after learning how to sew in elementary school. Crayons were her first love, and she became enamoured with photomontage in her first art class in 6th grade. By high school,  she created the photomontages for her high school yearbook.

After exploring many different creative mediums while her children were young, Susan discovered quilting in 1982. The art quilt movement was in its' infancy and it inspired her to focus on exploring the design potential of fabric as a medium for her art. She soon realized the potential of combining her passion for color, graphic design and sewing and started making original art quilts. 


After moving to Florida in 2005, she was delighted to be able to focus on her art full time in a warm and joyful climate. Spending summers on the beach while growing up, has imparted Susan with her love of sunshine and the beach, a main theme she has concentrated on since living under the Florida sun. Evoking memories from her childhood and her children's early years, is at the core of Susan's art.  

Susan Rienzo, is an award winning Fiber Artist who makes Art Quilts. With a keen sense of color and whimsy,  her palette of vibrant saturated color has infused her fiber art with a spirited and joyful energy that expresses her distinct voice.  She has exhibited in juried shows throughout the U.S. and internationally, and is published in many quilt publications. 


Vibrant saturated colors, textures, whimsy and visual energy has become my mark of distinction. I am inspired by color and pattern first. Fabric is my medium. Using my palette of high quality batiks, hand-dyed cottons, commercial and joyful conversation prints, I free-cut my fabrics working intuitively to design an abstract or whimsical design. I am captivated with color and pattern juxtaposition, graphic linear design and the joyful themes of colorful living in Florida from abstract to impressionistic. With whimsical additions, my intent is to invoke memory and a smile.

I work intuitively and spontaneously to let the piece evolve to where it needs to go. I use my flannel covered design wall, much like an artist uses an easel, to pin my fabric selections on the wall until a good composition, and design is achieved.

My new work entails cutting, fusing and collage, much like that of a paper collage artist, but manipulating and combining many different fabrics.  Fabrics are intuitively hand picked and cut as well as scraps saved and recycled. Pieces are often moved and rearranged until there is a balance of visual elements.  When it is complete, I will layer the design with batting and a backing, and machine quilt it to add surface design and texture.

The result is a Textile Painting. 

I am constantly exploring new ideas and enjoy the collecting and gathering that is at the very nature of making art with textiles. I believe the purpose of my art is to delight and inspire all.